David began to sing in upper secondary school when he participated in the musical theater classes, quickly performing lead roles in the school's productions.

Later he attended the Academy of Music in Malmö granting him a Master in Music Education, specializing in classical vocals.
During the time at the Academy he started to sing in progressive/powermetal band Moonlight Agony, releasing the album "Silent waters" in 2007. In 2009 he did vocals for the metal opera Citadellion.

For a couple of years he focused on teaching, but in late 2014, David was hired on short notice to fill in for Andi Kravljaca (ex Seventh Wonder, Aeon Zen) in Celestial Decay, doing live vocals at their release party for the album “Quantum X” and the following shows.

Word spread, and the next short notice stand in came in January 2016 when David was asked to fill in for PelleK (ex Damnation Angels and 4 million subscribers on YouTube) when his band Qantice was going to support Luca Turilli's Rhapsody on their European tour.

During the tour Qantice got to hear  "Keep the Swede, he's great" so many times that they eventually decided to do so.
David might be the first metal singer in history to have been democratically elected by a European jury of fans :) 

After the tour many more request came and David has to date done choirs or guest appearances for many different acts such as the metal opera Aldaria, Vivaldi Metal Project, Bloodbound, Seven Spires, Nergard, Exxiles, Eunomia, Signum RegisBoguslaw Balcerak's Crylord, Sage's Recital, Gabriels and more.


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